The Art of Conversation online and offline

Nowadays it is obvious for everyone the fact that a lot of discussions, parleys, meetings, social petitions are taken place in the virtual world. Even if we accept it or not, even if we want to change it now, it seems to be impossible.

In the huge companies as well as in the small ones the whole staff is connected to the internet network using the personal computers or the mobile phones.

It is in fashion now to receive the CV by mail, to make the selection online and also to send the dismissal by mail or by SMS.

In the multinational companies it is understood such a situation, but what is very surprising now is the fact that people sharing the same room, or building are used to communicate by mail instead of talking one to each other, or visiting the other room next door.

In the last twenty years due to the technical quick steps the people life changed a lot, not necessarily in a better direction. That’s why in the big companies it is a must to organize team-buildings in order to help people to know each other; otherwise they do not consider it’s important to meet their colleagues face-to-face.

The communication it’s very important inside the company, but also outside.

Nobody could live alone, only for himself. And we are talking here about human beings, enterprises, countries, continents, etc.

That’s why it is very important for people to communicate, to change ideas, opinions, to respect each other’s theories and arguments.

A man could drive alone his car, but he can not take all the decisions by himself in the family or in the company. He should listen to the other members of the family or staff, of course.

This is the idea of communication which is vital in our life.

People are used to socialize online not only when we are talking about professional duties, but also for enlarging the aria of friends, to spend the free time together in a pleasant way. They are creating accounts on social platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. A lot of people are active on blogs, forums, on papers online where they are able to express their opinions and to get the feedback of other readers, internet users, friends, relatives, etc.

How important is to act as an educated people when you are connected online?

What about business communication?

I consider that it is very important to write in a proper way, to know the grammar rules, to address to the other people in a decent way.

The general culture, the ability of talking about different subjects such as culture, literature, music, painting, etc. is a benefit, for sure.

In business relationships you have to take into consideration the fact that your partners are analyzing and judging you. You should never underestimate your partners. Sometimes it is possible to meet people with lower level of knowledge than you are, but this will not oblige you to neglect your competences, by contrary you have to improve the whole life your formation by reading, studying, accumulating know-how, experience and better skills. You have to consider that all the partners are equal and have to be treated in the same way. It’s not nice and polite to treat them differently, depending on the figures they are having in their accounts. In your business life you could meet people who are dealing with huge amounts of money, their could drive luxury cars and live in expensive vilas. This should not influence too much your attitude, should not intimidate you. It’s better for you to remain the same as you are, to not show them a humble behavior.

The dignity shown and proved it’s a valuable visit card whenever you are, otherwise if you are trying to ask for something which is not properly, you risk to be considered as an inappropriate partner and you could loose the confidence and the consideration of your potential partners.

Even if these general considerations on business relationships seem to be old fashioned, I believe in what I say due to my own experiences with different partners from Greece, Cyprus, Kuwait, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

It’s not necessary to remind to you that Romanians are several times considered as uneducated people. But I can guarantee that there are people and people; and each country has good and bad guys, therefore it’s useless to generalize, it’s not helping at all.

People belonging to different nations enjoy to gossip a lot. It’s funny, it’s normal and men like to gossip when driving, during the coffee break or at lunch or dinner time.

It is happening for example to go abroad for the first time in a country where other people from your company used to go before and your new partners to start gossip about them with you. What can you do in such a situation? You should listen to them and think about later. You have always to keep in mind that this exercise could be a trial for you, or a hatch. Do not be very familiar from the first meeting, it’s better to be more precautious. You never know what they are thinking about you at first sight.

I have the belief that in order to communicate in a proper way with other people online or offline it is important to follow some very simple rules:

– to turn work into fun–as much as it’s possible;

– to trust people-even if this could cost you some unexpected surprises;

– to respect people, to respect the work and the real values;

– to accept other’s ideas and initiatives;

– to love people considering that you have not enemies;

– to accept challenges without any bad feeling;

– to work overtime when it’s necessary not asking for some extra benefits;

– to learn your whole life, to accept new trends&ideas;

– to work in a team, to continue what somebody else has begun;

– to accept easily that other people is superior to you, even if it’s younger than you or less prepared/educated;

– to follow your instincts when it’s important to take a quick decision;

– to do not hesitate in difficult situations, when it’s a matter of “take it, or leave it”.